Congratulations to me! I’ve made the decision to sell! Oh wait! What do I do now? What is my home worth? How do I let people know I’m selling? What kind of paper work is required by my state? How long will it take? Should I worry about scammers? And what if there are lions and tigers and bears? Oh my! Where do I start!?!?  

RELAX! These kinds of questions and more are normal…to your Realtor! “But I don’t have a Realtor!” you say. Well, then your very first step should be to interview some Realtors, research them online or ask a trusted friend if they can recommend one to you. Your Realtor is likely the most important part of the selling “puzzle” and can often be the difference between a successful, stress free selling of your home or one that is not!

When choosing a Realtor, a licensed Realtor, you need to meet them in person. You should look for someone who works well with your personality and that you feel comfortable with. If you are comfortable with them, others (buyers and their Realtors) are probably going to feel the same. That’s important because ultimately what you want is for this to be an amicable transaction for both the seller (you) AND the buyer. A Realtor who presents themselves as the “I’ve been doing this for 20 years and know more than everyone” type can often be the reason your sale falls apart and it’s usually got nothing to do with the seller OR the buyer. Below are some additional questions to consider asking when choosing your Realtor.

  • What is my home worth and how do you determine that?
  • What if I feel that my home is worth more than what you told me?
  • What kinds of paperwork are legally required and how does the signing process work?
  • How will you market my home?
  • Are there other homes in my neighborhood selling currently?
  • Open Houses: Should I have them? Do I have to have them?
  • What kinds of inspections should I expect from the buyer and who pays for that?
  • How do other Realtors bring their buyers to see my home?
  • What is the process when someone wants to see my home but I am here?
  • Once we receive an offer, what will the next steps be?
  • What is the title company’s role and who takes care of that?
  • What are my expected costs as the seller?
  • How long will this process take?
  • I’ve heard about electronic signatures. Do you do that and how does that work?
  • Is there anything I can do that can potentially help my home stand out more?

Ultimately, any question that you feel you want to ask is an important one. There are no pointless or silly questions when it comes to selling what is usually the largest asset that we possess. Remember, a great Realtor will be one that listens and is attentive to what your needs are. Each client and their home will have a separate set of circumstances, needs and reason for selling which results in your situation being unique and as such deserves unique attention from your Realtor. Your Realtor should be your guide in simplifying your  Real Estate experience whether you are selling or buying. You should have a level of confidence and comfort in knowing that they have your best interest at heart and are skilled in negotiating on your behalf to protect those interests. An exceptional Realtor will desire to create and maintain a long-term relationship with you because that’s what helps us build our businesses. Serving you, understanding and respecting your needs and protecting you in the process is how we earn that valuable relationship for the long term.

So, relax, be confident, take a deep breath and smile! You’ve got this…you’re going to call a Realtor…a licensed Realtor! Your road to SOLD! Happy selling!


John Sickels “Moving You to New Places”